Meet the new line of custom gaming products from NZXT


NZXT, the leading hardware manufacturer for PCs Gamer, announced CRFT, a licensed and exclusive line of components for gaming.

CRFT will offer players NZXT designed precious products, destined to honor the most relevant video game franchises. Much more than just a collectible object, each CRFT product will provide practical functionality for any gaming environment. All CRFT products will be available in a single limited circulation, without re-manufacturing.

“Since our roots are in the game in PC, we love working with people and brands that involve a strong influence for our community. We are proud to present this line of limited edition, with licensed products of official way to show the enthusiasm of our users in the games that love, something that is at the base of the product design of NZXT”, said Johnny Hou, founder and CEO of NZXT. “The products within the CRFT line will always be launched in a limited circulation for that exclusive group of games looking for a unique way to show their hobby.”

CRFT 01, our Box H700 PUBG Limited Edition, was the debut of this line: a collaboration between NZXT, PUBG Corporation and Gamers Outreach. Based on the iconic AirDrop chest, the unique design of the CRFT 01 PUBG box Highlights any PC montage, as well as the passion for this game.

Only 2000 units of the box CRFT 01 PUBG have been produced, for exclusive sale in USA (the next products CRFT will be for sale worldwide). Ten percent of CRFT 01 ‘s total sales were donated to Gamers Outreach, a charitable organization that provides equipment, technology and software to help children cope with hospital admission treatments.