Meet the news of Twitter for the World Cup


People come to Twitter to discover and talk about issues that are relevant to them, from breaking news, day-to-day events and even memes. What’s happening in the world is happening on Twitter, with real-time conversations.

And for the World Cup, you can be on the day of the minute, each play and every goal, through its website dedicated to the world and the individual pages for each game, I ncluyendo scores, tweets, videos and moments. You will find these novelties at the top of the Timeline, search or explore.

These are some of the changes you are working on to make the latest news, events and stories more easy to discover: Exploring will help you discover content more relevant to you. They heard that exploring would make it easier to navigate if it was organized by themes rather than the type of content (videos, articles, etc.). For this reason, they are experimenting with thematic eyelashes in exploring, that will allow to know news, stories and entertainment in real time, according to your interests.

On the other hand, to help you find the best tweets about a particular story, you are implementing multiple timelines in some moments of the United States. In this way, there will be a recap Timeline to show you the tweets you may have lost, another with the most up to date information, and one more that includes the best comments, if available. In turn, if there is a live video, it will also appear in this section. Many of these changes can already be perceived for some sports, and from now on they will start noticing other news and events.