Microsoft 365, the evolution of the cloud business

In a context where customers move towards new technologies in a constant way, it is key that the channel has the offer and the necessary knowledge to be able to anticipate their needs. How to get it from Microsoft’s hand and OnLine licenses?

Microsoft 365 has great news for the channel. From now on, the license allows you to interact with three different products:

Daniel Yesuron, Pre-Sales Cloud Specialist On online licenses, explains that “each of these elements solves a different need, but where more focus is on the security of user information and ease of management at the enterprise level, ie, being all those products United Under the same console, it allows you to adapt and manage them more easily and quickly. ”

The engineer clarifies: “It is designed for medium and large companies. With its different SKUs you can access different versions of the product, each with a difference in quantity of characteristics. Added to the above, it can be used by any vertical, because thanks to the new security features provided by EMS, you can meet the compliance requirements of each company or business in particular.

As for the subscription of the monthly type in CSP, Yesurón ensures that it allows to change the quantity and type of subscriptions at the desired time. “In this way, the company can adapt to the needs of the business in the short term and avoid buying products that are then relegated for lack of use.” In other words, the monthly subscription mode allows you to pay only for what you use.

The value of the channel

The partner can add value to its services and increase its profitability by offering Microsoft 365. In what way? Security is the answer. ” Having access to EMS you can maintain a more complete control over the devices and data that are handled within the company, while protecting from malicious attacks, both internal and external, “details the pre-sales engineer. “On the other hand, Microsoft 365, thanks to its offer of Windows 10, allows to update the version of Pro to Enterprise and also to upgrade devices that have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 enterprise. This feature allows the partner not only to help improve customer security, but also to ‘ legalize ‘ your current licensing.

To achieve this and promote the marketing of Microsoft 365, Online licenses are conducting different types of events, chats and webinars to help partners communicate the different features and benefits of Microsoft 365. “The most important thing is not to see it as a license to group several products, but as a solution that comes to solve the current needs of companies, whether they are medium or large and for those who already have some of those solutions, for example, Office 365, that know the ease of using Microsoft 365 without losing anything they already had.