Microsoft deactivates the Specter patch due to errors in its system

Microsoft released a software update for Intel CPUs, that was intended to correct a design flaw known as Specter. But not everything went well.

This patch caused many computers to unexpectedly reboot, among other problems. Intel made a stop of the installation of this update a week ago, but the new Microsoft update goes a step further and disables patches on computers that already had them installed.

It is the latest development in the hard recovery process of the Specter failure. Researchers revealed in early January that hundreds of millions of chips made by Intel and AMD or built in Arm designs. This allowed hackers access to confidential information such as passwords and encryption keys, essential for the security of a computer and its content.

Since then some chip updates made by Intel and AMD revealed that they were causing their own problems.

In its announcement of the update that they later disable, Microsoft urged users to stay informed about the status of a patch for Specter.