Microsoft plans to bring WiFi for the whole planet

Recent natural disasters have shown how flimsy communications systems are when these phenomena hit countries that, like Puerto Rico, and their communications are eroded by the effects of these disasters.

Well, Microsoft has already designed an alternative for this type of situation. Redmond, unlike Google balloons and Facebook’s solar airplanes, are looking to offer the Internet at a much lower price than these alternatives, the secret is to use existing infrastructures.

And these are the same relays and Wifi router that already equip commercial airplanes all over the world. At the moment it is only a test, but the more planes involved, the more coverage and the less latency there will be. Above all, in regions such as Africa, where they claim that the Internet could be provided to more than 80% of the territory.

It would certainly be a fairly affordable solution compared to the one proposed by the other alternatives, and best of all, the infrastructure is now available, only the will of the operators to lend their equipment is lacking.