Microsoft works on a new state-of-the-art operating system


The Synaptics company has published an ad in which it expressly mentions that Microsoft is working on a new generation operating system.

They do not go into details and it is normal because the objective of this announcement is to promote the FS7600 Match-in-Sensor, a fingerprint reader that works as an independent and separate unit, but we can draw some interesting conclusions if we join previous information.

“Synaptics Incorporated (…) has announced a joint initiative focused on offering a new industrial benchmark in biometric authentication through high-security fingerprint identification systems for business/commercial and consumer notebook PCs based on The next-generation AMD Ryzen Mobile platform and Microsoft’s new generation operating system. This collaboration will allow to achieve a new level of security in laptops based on AMD Ryzen Mobile Leveraging the technology offered by the unique Match-in-sensor fingerprint sensor of synaptics, coupled with the new generation operating system of Microsoft and Windows Hello “, indicates the statement.

With Windows 10, Microsoft carried out a commitment to the service model as a substitute for the product model. This means that this operating system is the “definitive” base of the Redmond giant, which will not have a real successor and that will be released periodically updates on both functions and performance and security to keep up to date , a system that Apple has been following a time OSX and MacOS.