More and more companies implement Avaya Cloud Solutions

Avaya Holdings Corp announced that more than 20.000 users of companies in the middle market have adopted the solutions “avaya Powered by” in the last 12 months America International.

More than 100,000 subscribers at the global level, which represents a significant acceleration in the adoption of technologies Avaya Cloud. It is expected that this growth rate will increase during the fiscal year 2019, which starts this month of October, as the company invests resources, time and energy to ensure that count with the best offer on the market in Contact Center, Unified Communications and Collaboration in the cloud, in situ e Hybrid.

Solutions under the Avaya Powered by model are available for mid-market companies in 10 Latin American countries, including Argentina, Bermuda, Bolivia, brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and panama, as well as Canada through Different programs and purchase options, such as the Loyalty2gether update program, one of the Company’s most successful in recent Years.

Brazil stands out among the countries with the highest adoption of the Avaya Powered by model. This is ADD it, a company specializing in cloud infrastructure solutions that, with the implementation of the Avaya IP Office Cloud solution, achieved the mobility of its teamwork, which increased the quality of the service it offers and the standardization of the Responses to their clients. The results of this project ensured that it was the first successful case of a global implementation of the Powered by model, which has solutions specifically designed for Avaya partners and in which the company has consistently invested.

Customers are migrating to the cloud to meet the growing needs of their businesses. The Avaya cloud Powered by model is the easiest, most flexible and cost-effective way to meet the needs of the customer as the opportunities offered by the cloud take Advantage. This is the best time for companies to update, with unprecedented savings and a quick and easy update that will be transparent to their customers and their businesses.

According to an IDC study, the expense of Latin American companies in cloud services and hardware, software and services for the cloud will rise to more than $11 million dollars in 2021, thus taking advantage of the diverse cloud environment comprised of 10% and n edge, 15% Specialized computation (not x86) and more than 80% Multicloud.

“So far, We know several reasons why customers in the middle market in International America choose Avaya Cloud with the model of 1.000 users and Less. For some, the motives have been financial: with fluctuating currencies or internal pressures on CAPEX, they like the extended and predictable costs associated with subscription-based Communications. For many companies, the main reason for migrating to Avaya Cloud is that they obtain the perfected functionality, developed through Avaya’s long history of communications that the new market competitors are struggling to Match. Finally, there is also a group that knows how robust and open IP Office is because they have been looking for an on-site version of the platform and now want to extend to a hybrid environment or switch to a subscription model with minimum Interruption. ”

Miles Davis, Director of products and solutions for America International at AVAYA.

The #Loyalty2gether program, which is carried out jointly with Avaya’s business partners, is at the heart of Avaya’s growth strategy. More importantly, It is completely transforming the experiences that the company creates for its customers, as well as driving what we could say is the most exciting change in business technology in Decades.