Motorola adds a keyboard to the Moto Z and it can also control our vital signs


Motorola at the CES 2018 and showed two new MotoMods, compatible with any of the phones from the Moto Z family. The first one is called Lenovo Vital, and consists of a complete monitor of the users vital signs; and the second is the Livermorium keyboard, a complement for when physical keys are necessary.

Lenovo Vital

The new MotoMod allows to control five vital signs: heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation in the blood, body temperature, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure.It will begin to be sold at the start April, and is a complement that puts into practice what MediaTek predicted at the end of last year. A chip that measures the vital signs using only the fingertip.

Livermorium Sliding keyboard

This new Moto Mod was the winner of the first “Transform your smartphone” challenge along with Indiegogo.It is a full QWERTY sliding keyboard and a screen with up to 60° of inclination, which cause quite a lot of talk at the beginning of last year and brings the memories of the legendary Motorola Milestone.It will go on sale in a few weeks and has an internal battery of 1700 mAH.