Motorola could make possible a tablet-convertible smartphone

Motorola patented a folding device that becomes tablet. According to information filtered in some media, the company has patented the design and functions of what is expected to be a hybrid between phone and tablet.

The patent has been registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), however, it draws the attention that the patent was registered in September 2016, but was approved only in March 2018.

The fact of having registered the patent does not mean that the firm is working exactly on this device, because many times they do so that other brands do not benefit from these ideas and in turn can benefit economically from it.

Everything indicates that in 2019 can start the fashion of folding smartphones, as Samsung has almost everything ready for the presentation of the Galaxy X, while LG and Lenovo also have interesting prototypes that could come very soon to the market.