Mozilla launches add-on so Facebook doesn’t follow you when you disconnect

Facebook is mired in the most severe scandal in its history, which has not only significantly diminished the distrust of many users, but also made other technological institutions see the company with suspicion.

One of these entities is the Mozilla Foundation, responsible for the Web browser Firefox, which has recently decided to launch an extension for the aforementioned explorer with which it limits the follow-up that Facebook makes to its users.

The add-on is named Facebook Container, which “isolates the identity of the social network user from the rest of its activity on the Internet”, according to Mozilla in a message uploaded to his official blog.

In simpler terms, with the added installed, Facebook will work normally and gather information from its users, but you can not collect data from any activity they do outside the social network.

It is necessary to specify that this is an exclusive extension of Mozilla Firefox and it is not known if the organization has plans to take it to Google Chrome.