Muse 2: The personal assistant you need to meditate

Is a revolutionary device that functions as a personal meditation assistant, launched to the market by the Interaxon Company.

Muse 2 has been designed to provide real-time information about brain activity, but it’s not just that. It is also capable of providing similar feedback in terms of body movement, breathing patterns and heart rate when meditating.

It will build on its integrated biological, inertial, and cardiac signal sensors to create real-time audio experiences in a quartet of key areas in order to help users find calm, improve posture, while increasing Breathing and heart awareness.

In addition, the application will translate the meditators ‘ internal states into immersive sound landscapes, helping to provide a subtle guide during meditation.

Muse Mind Experience it is part of Muse 2, mental activity can be translated into the weather guiding sounds. Research is capable of producing a significant reduction in stress in just four weeks, not to mention the potentially beneficial neuroplastic changes in the user’s brain.

As far as the body’s experience is concerned, Muse 2 will measure the stillness by tracking the movement. Any postural change and agitation will result in real-time audio feedback shimmers.

This gadgets will have a sale price of $249.