NASA: First flying cars will be able to transport up to 8 passengers

According to information revealed by a representative of the NASA, the first flying cars, that in the next decade they could be transiting the urban airspace, they will be able Transport up to eight passengers

The Deputy director of communications and intelligence systems at NASA, Felix Miranda, said: “It is anticipated that the first flying vehicles for people are going to be in the order of four, six and eight passengers.”.

Miranda made these statements in the framework of the first meeting of the urban air Mobility sector that is held these days in Seattle, in the state of Washington, and that is organized by NASA itself and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA, for its acronyms in English).

“You’ll have a pilot first. Then, when it increases the autonomy of the vehicles perhaps it will be without any pilot in the ship, “explained Miranda when asked about the appearance of the future flying cars.

In this sense, he explained that the aerial vehicles that will move in urban areas with cargo transport “will evolve a little faster because they do not have to take into account the details of comfort” that the automobiles for people do need.