Nemesis Distributors Dealer Expo 2014

GlobalMedia IT had the pleasure of attending the Nemesis Distributors Dealer Expo 2014. The event was held at the Grand Ballrooms of the Intercontinental at Doral Miami. It counted on the participation of Brother, SNBC, CRS, Sharp, Canon, Casio, International Point of Sale, AccuBanker, NCC, Max, Acco, Royal and Berg. The event also saw the participation of Nemesis top clients in the Miami metropolitan area. The event started out with exhibits by each of the vendors. The Brother, Canon, CRS and Sharp stands captured most of the attention.

Canon had on display its print solutions for office settings. Miguel Bernal, Market Developer at Canon, told us that Canon was displaying two products from its inkjet line and how these two products came with Access Point Mode, a setting that allows the machine to generate its own internet access so that all sort of devices can be connected to it. Brother, one of the main sponsors of the event, spoke to us about its new InkBenefit line which was specifically developed for the Latin American market. CJ Ballejos, Regional Vice President US and Latin America at  Brother, told us that events such as Nemesis’s Expo allow the company to bring newer or emerging products to new markets in Latin America. It also allows them to do more brand awareness within the market as well.

Craig Fuss, Director of Sales at CRS, commented that the event gave the company access to the Latin American and Caribbean markets. CRS was the other major sponsor of the event. CRS focus on providing Point of Sale products that can help business to grow according to Fuss. Fuss lastly thanked Nemesis for putting on the event and counting on the participation of CRS.

Sharp was also present at the event and Mercedes Jimenez, Sales Manager at Sharp, gave us a presentation on their interactive screen product, which can be used in several settings.  Please enjoy our video below which provides full presentation into the capabilities of the product.