Netskope selects Cylance to complete their capacities for advanced protection against threats with IA

Trade alliance between Netskope and Cylance will enable security improvements linked to Artificial intelligence and can prevent cyber attacks.

Netskope announces the signing of a trade agreement with Cylance, a global provider of AI-based and prevention-oriented security solutions. This partnership provides Netskope customers with the added benefit of Cylance’s threat detection through Netskope Security Cloud.

In today’s connected businesses, cyber threats are more complex than ever, and many evolving polymorphic malware strains are not detected by signature-based anti-virus solutions, which are not prepared to work in environments Cloud and on the web. As a result, organizations do not get an in-depth defense against new and unknown threats, leaving their most important assets at risk of being compromised.

An additional layer of protection

Cylance’s IA-based prevention technology adds an additional layer of security that extends the already robust malware detection capability of the Netskope threat protection platform.

It also ensures the identification of user behavior-based anomalies, advanced heuristic analysis, and dynamic sandboxing. In this way, companies benefit from heterogeneous detection approaches and an in-depth defense strategy, together with the simplicity of implementation of Netskope’s “one Cloud” infrastructure, to accurately detect unknown threats and Zero-day in all of your cloud and WEB security use cases and all files and data inspected.