New app for Nike USA AR to measure feet and sell shoes 

The sports brand is updating its application with a new augmented reality tool that will measure the feet to sell the shoes.

Although it may seem like a frivolous use of AR technology, the idea is solid. Buying shoes online is difficult, mainly because you can’t try them to make sure it’s the ideal size.

In addition, the brands lie about the sizes, so you can never be sure. Nike shoes, in particular, are reputed to be small in most styles, making them harder to buy, even if they have a Brannock device to know the measurements of their foot up to the millimeter.

So with the new AR feature, Nike says it can measure each foot individually, size, shape and volume, with a precision of 2 millimeters and then suggest the specific size of the shoe for the style you’re looking at.

Does so by matching his measurements with the internal volume already known for each of his shoes, and the purchase data of people with similar size feet.

Nike is integrating into its application as a primary function for measuring shoes, and will also use it in its retail stores. The update should be implemented in the implementation from July in the United States and there are plans to take the role to Europe in the month of August.