New data platform accelerates development of healthcare applications to manage the World’s most critical information

InterSystems announced the launch of InterSystems IRIS for Health, designed to add sustainable value to Organizations that develop intensive data applications in the health Sector.

InterSystems IRIS for Health It is the World’s first and only data platform designed specifically to extract value from health care data, allowing developers to quickly create and scale the next innovative applications in this Sector.

The data is at the heart of the digital transformation that involves health care. As the volume and variety of health data continues to rise, human decision-making capacity is Challenged. To cope with this substantial change, healthcare applications require technology that can unlock the vast hidden potential of Data. IRIS for Health InterSystems provides that base.

InterSystems IRIS for Health it is designed based on the Company’s newest product, intersystems IRIS Data platform, which combines transaction processing and analysis with integrated interoperability, to provide a rapid development platform for creating applications Scale Criticism.

InterSystems IRIS for Health expands the power of the data platform with specific health capabilities needed to build the real-time connected care solutions that are required today. The functions of InterSystems IRIS for Health include:

An application framework for the rapid development of solutions using Health Level Seven (HL7), fast Healthcare Interoperability resources (FHIR), including FHIR Server and SMART capabilities in FHIR.

Standard-ready Support and interoperability certification for major U.S. and regional health services, including HL7, Consolidated CDA (C-cda), and integrated healthcare Enterprise (IHE), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), X12, NCPDP, DICOM and Others.

A standardized and extensible health care data model that allows seamless transitions between standards.

“The rise in health care data has created a great need for innovations that can help the industry to keep pace with the expectations of payers, providers and Patients,” said Don Woodlock, vice president of HealthShare of Intersystems.  “Health care needs a fundamental data platform that allows vanguard applications to rapidly evolve from concept to reality, and that data platform is InterSystems IRIS for Health. We are helping health sector developers bring the most important applications from the blackboard to production more quickly than ever before. ”

InterSystems ‘ Information technology platforms enhance the World’s most critical and advanced applications. Current healthcare customers who rely on key products from InterSystems HealthShare and TrakCare will be able to maximize the capabilities of InterSystems IRIS for Health from 2019.