New features of Google Fit will motivate its users

The Google Health APP incorporated the functions ‘ Move minutes ‘ and ‘ Heart points ‘ that are available for Android and Wear OS and that seek to keep active and entertaining its user through its contents.

The two new features will be coming to Android and Wear OS starting this week and gradually, says Google in a statement. These two functions will motivate you to keep moving and make more physical activity as basic as taking a few steps or stop the chair.

Move minutes are points you can gain by climbing stairs instead of using an elevator or staying with a friend to walk and talk instead of chatting in a cafeteria.

The heart point’s function is more important, because it will give you points every time you make your heart accelerate by means of moderate physical activity. You will get one point for every minute of moderate activity (such as increasing the cadence when walking your dog) or two points when running or doing another exercise.

Google Fit use the accelerometer and GPS of your Android phone or smart clock with Wear OS to power these functions; In addition, by having integration with third-party apps, the activity you also do with apps like Strava, Runkeeper, Endomo and MyFitnessPal will be used to get more points Move minutes and Heart points.

It is noteworthy that Google does not specify what can be achieved with the points achieved by both new functions, but perhaps it is always only a way to encourage physical activity.

The company has left a little abandoned the Google Fit project for, supposedly, to be developing Google Coach, a new application that would have more functions of health and physical activity to the point of recommending diets or elaborating meals.