New Intel Core Processors I9-9900K will have welds

Users of Intel overclocking platforms are going to be much better, because for the first time from Sandy Bridge, Intel’s new unlocked processors stop having the thermal paste That so much trouble has given in favor of a solder, as in the old days.

For this reason, the Intel Core I9-9900K, will come with solder under the IHS avoiding the problems derived from the thermal paste used, as well as its application in factory, factors that could induce to alarming temperatures.

However, it is to be expected that the standard processors, at least within the Intel Core range, also come with solder, because it would not be very logical for the company to have to pay a plus for having normal temperatures on a computer that will not be destined To be forced, as would low-budget teams where up to the cost saved by the serial heatsink is welcome.