New IPhone will use OLED technology for the 2019

Apple had not taken the step of betting on OLED technology for their screens until the launch of the IPhone X. This model, which served to commemorate the 10 years since the launch of the original model, became the first with OLED and an all-screen design along with the popular notch, copied to satiety by the competition. For this 2019 we expected more OLED, but also a cheaper LCD model. Finally, it seems that the 3 new IPhone 2019 will use OLED.

The rumors about the new iPhone of 2019 spoke of 3 models, two of them with OLED screen and one with LCD screen. In this way, Apple would continue to introduce the technology of screens progressively maintaining a model with the technology that we currently have in the IPhone 8 and previous models.

It was assumed that this model LCD would be cheaper than the two with OLED and that would have a huge screen of 6.1 inches. However, a decision that was met, points in a totally different direction and touches review the forecasts on the new iPhone that will be seen in 2019.

A new report filtered by ET News talks about Apple having started planning the iPhone of 2019 and has decided to adopt OLED in all 3 models. Obviously, it is not the first rumor of this type, but it seems that people have taken it very seriously, which has sunk the price of Japan Display in the last few hours.

As we know, this is the company responsible for the IPhone’s LCD screens and does not plan to adopt the OLED technology until the same year 2019. So Apple would bet on other distributors for their screens like Samsung or LG, a company that has invested a lot of money to make sure you have the technology.