Nintendo offers four tips for charging the Switch battery

After all the problems that have occurred in the autonomy of the Nintendo Switch batteries around the products without official license, Nintendo has published on its website 4 advices that they hope will be useful to the users of the hybrid console, that with more than one Year in the market has undergone different updates that, as in the case of the latter, hinder the compatibility of peripherals of third companies.

Among all the advices are the ambient temperature of the place, which should never be greater than 35 degrees centigrade; This should be taken into account in seasons like summer.

On the other hand, if we are in periods of little use of Nintendo Switch, it is advisable to charge it at least once every six months to avoid damaging the cells. Likewise, repeated loads can gradually drain their autonomy.

Connect your Nintendo Switch to the current in a place where the temperature is between 5 º C and 35 º C (41 º F and 95 º F).

It is advisable to charge the battery of your Nintendo Switch at least once every 6 months. If this is not the case, the total load capacity of the console can be damaged

Repeated and continuous loads of the Nintendo Switch slowly reduce the total battery life over time.

If your Nintendo Switch does not cargua well or your battery has an excessively short lifespan, you must change it by contacting Nintendo Consumer Technical support.