Nissan and NASA will work together to carry out research and development of autonomous mobility services


Nissan North AmericaInc, announced at the CES an agreement with the Ames research center of NASA in Silicon Valley, California. To work together in the research and technological development in future autonomous mobility services.

This agreementwhich among other things defines a new scope of activities for 2019, is an update to the current collaboration between Nissan and NASA and it builds on previous success.For 5 years the Ames of NASA has been working with Nissan, collaborating with researchers from the Nissan research center located in Silicon Valley, California to advance in new technologies of autonomous mobility systems.

Last year at CES 2017Nissan presented the Nissan SeamlessAutonomousMobility (SAM), the new platform for managing autonomous vehicle fleetswhich was created based on NASA’s technology.Nowin this new stage of the collaboration and that builds on the success of both organizations working together, they will work to develop new technology and test the use of SAM in the management of autonomous transport services.

Regarding SAM and this new agreementMaarten Sierhuis, director of the Nissan research center in Silicon Valley, commented, “We have built SAM from the technology developed by NASA for the management of the movement of robots in space.Our goal is to implement SAM to help other organizations to safely integrate a fleet of autonomous vehicles in unpredictable urban environments, for example, public transport or logistics and delivery services.The final stage of our current research agreement with NASA will be to approach that goal and test SAM with a demonstration on the streets.”

For his part, the Director of the NASAAmes Center, Eugene Tu, said that one of the strategic objectives of NASA is to transfer the technology developed for its missions and programs to a wider commercial and social applications.Using NASA’s work in robotics to accelerate the deployment of autonomous mobility services is a perfect exampleof how the invaluable work to advance in space exploration can also be a pioneer ofinnovations here on earth.