Now Alexa is available on PC with Windows 10

Amazon launched today its Alexa application for Windows 10. Although the application has recently been available on certain laptops with Windows 10, today marks its launch in the Microsoft store for all Windows 10 pcs.

You can download it and install it on any PC with Windows 10, but only supported devices will support the functionality of the awakened Word from Alexa. If you don’t have a compatible PC, you can press the button inside the application to talk to Alexa, or invoke the wizard using a keyboard shortcut.

The Alexa application for Windows 10 includes access to current playback to control music and capacity, like any other Alexa application, to control smart home appliances.

However, videos, calls, Spotify and Pandora are not currently supported within this ALEXA application for Windows 10. Amazon has not added PC-specific controls to ask Alexa to access the Windows features, but Amazon says that “PC-specific capabilities will be added at the beginning of 2019 in addition to ongoing feature updates.”