Nvidia brought to the CES a screen for gamers enable with Google Assistant


Nvidia presented at the CES a screen for gamers enable with Google Assistant, Android TV, 4K  resolution and 120 Hz HDR. That will make any video game lover, have an unparalleled gaming experience.

The first thing that stands out is that the new Nvidia screen will have G-SYNC HDR technology, which synchronizes at all times the refresh rate of the 120Hz screen with the game refresh rate.This G-SYNC technology offers an immersive, fluid, vibration free and highly responsive gaming experience, that according to the brand says it does not compare with any screen of this size.

It is precisely this technology that offers an ultra low latency, and without a doubt is one of the elements that has the most value on the gaming experience in infinite occasions. So it seems that Nvidia has managed to reduce the problem to minimum levels,something that we hardly see in other products for gamers.

And if these features are not enough there are still more innovations, because although you can connect the screen with any nextgeneration console. The users will also have NvidiaShield included, that means you will have Android TV and all the Google services available such as YouTube, Play Movies or Google Assistant.

So you do not need to have a video game console to enjoy all of this technology, users will have access to a wide catalog of streaming titles and applications to play on Android TV.