Nvidia claims that GTX and RTX will coexist until the beginning of 2019

The CFO of Nvidia, Colette Kress, said that the company is not going to withdraw its series of products GTX 10, so it will inevitably touch them coexist with the recently presented series RTX at least until the first quarter of 2019.

Kress has stated that they expect to have good sales during Christmas with both the Turing architecture and the Pascal. It is expected that for the fourth quarter we not only have with us the RTX 2080 Ti and 2080, but also the RTX 2070; Leaving the 2060 by the end of the year. Review with us what we know so far from RTX, since we are.

It has been known for months that Nvidia has a strong excess of GPU Pascal, and not only by the arrival of the new RTX, but also by the fall of the sales of cards for the mining of Criptomonedas. It would be bad if Nvidia started to work straight and began to adjust the prices of its most popular GTX 10, but possibly do not for fear of losing adepts for the new religion that is the brand RTX.