Oppo introduces the first selfie camera under the screen

In the last two years, phone companies have competed for smart designs, with the best way to increase the screen-to-body ratio the body and location of critical components on devices that are dominated by their screens.

That is why Oppo, a company that has done its part of the experimentation in against the bezel with screens and autofotos, is the first to display a camera below the screen.
The company has also revealed more information about how the technology actually works. Oppo said the display uses a custom transparent material that works with a redesigned pixel structure so that light can reach the camera.
Apparently, the sensor itself is larger than other selfie cameras, with a larger aperture lens at the front. The screen area reserved for the camera still works with the touch control.
According to Oppo the screen quality will not be compromised. It also recognizes that placing a screen in front of a camera will inherently reduce the quality of the photographic image, with important problems such as mist, glare and color that need to be overcome.
The company says it has developed algorithms that are in tune with the hardware to address these problems, and affirms that the quality is “to the torque of the conventional devices”.