Oton Glass: Smart glasses that convert text to voice

Oton Glass is the Japanese company that has been responsible for developing smart glasses that convert text to speech in order to help people with visual impairment or dyslexia.

Its creators designed these smart glasses specially for patients with dyslexia, although their applications are wider and can be used by people with other problems.

Oton Glass allows that the dyslexic persons to read the written words transforming the text into voice. In addition, according to their developers also can use patients with some visual impairment or foreign people who do not understand well a language.

These smart glasses look like a few conventional glasses of pasta. They are composed of two cameras (one directed towards the eye of the user and another to the outside), an earpiece to listen to the conversion and a raspberry Pi (the smallest computer plate in the world) that is in charge of processing the information.

Its functioning is the following one: the camera of the eye detects when the user does a wink and captures a photo with the camera pointing outward. Afterwards, the raspberry Pi processes the images using OCR and detects the words in the photo and then convert them to voice through the earpiece.