Palm: The small phone can already be purchased as an independent device 

Palm is a small device that no one knew they needed and their return has been quite strange.

The 3.3 inch device was interesting, with nice design and if only because it was a fairly simple iPhone imitation.

However, enthusiasm quickly became extinct when the reality of the product was established; many complained that Palm and Verizon were positioning it exclusively as a secondary device.

Users had to link it to an existing account, which meant two phones with two monthly rates, both linked to the same operator.

Now Palm announced that it can be purchased and used as the main device. You Will Have to do it via Verizon or US Mobile, but by a limit you can get it for $199 with a two year plan, which makes you miss $150 of the standard price.

It’s worth it, Palm is slowly improving it. It’S bringing a software update that promises to fix the battery life. That was another major drawback to the device, and it would have been doubly so for anyone trying to turn it into a daily controller. Apparently, there are also corrections for camera performance below the device.