Panasonic presents Hollywood screen quality at the CES 2018


The world’s largest consumer electronics event, the CES, began.So Panasonic will announce its range of new products, which restates that it is a safe and innovative companywith its widesrange of OLED screens so far.

These include two new TVs to sit along with last year’s success story, the EZ1002, which remains in the portfolio for 2018.That television has been important especially because itsrich, detailed, reliable and remarkable image quality. It has turned the TV into the choice of several Hollywood postproduction houses that want a largescreen monitor of reference.

Panasonic televisions are used by Hollywood, so the company can claim to be able to mirror  the intentions of a film director perfectly. since it is the brand used by directors, cinematographers and colorists.

Now along with the EZ1002 will be the Panasonic FZ950 and the FZ800. two new OLEDs that promise an even better image quality, which is the main objective of the company.New screens promise to show exceptionally low levels of black on the screen, as low as 2.5 percent or 5 percent, which means that control over shadows on the screenand the level of detail within the shadows is extremely strong.

On the other hand, the latest televisions of all major brands use something called Look Up Tables (LUT), which basically tells the TV how to show the colors in specific places on the screen.Generally LUTs are static, from the moment you tune into a particular sourcelike a DVD player, for example, but in these new screens from Panasonic’s the LUTs are dynamic.

This means that the screen image is analyzed 10 times per second. For example if the scene changes from bright and colorful to dark and grimy, the color palette from which the LUTs can choose is updated accordingly.

It is also complemented by Panasonic support for a new HDR standard. The system that allows a television to show details in bright skies and dark shadows, for example, at the same time.