PayPal presented app for entrepreneurs and SMEs

PayPal presented app for entrepreneurs with functions that facilitate their activities. The application is available for IOS and Android operating systems and from it the stores can see details of their transactions, as well as know the balance of their PayPal account.

In general, it makes it easy to manage your PayPal accounts, so it’s also possible for you to run your business from anywhere.

You can also view the account activity from a mobile to verify payments, transfer funds, issue refunds and send money, that is, it is possible to create and send invoices, in addition to accessing the information of your clients ‘ history, as well as importing Contacts.

PayPal said in a statement that if you made this launch was to reinforce the commitment of the processor of payment with the innovation and the technology to continue offering to the clients of business accounts the best services, that allow them to continue Growing and thriving in their businesses.

PayPal believes that technology is very important to the industry, but it also recognizes that any financial application in the world does not mean anything if consumers don’t know how to use it.

Is so focused on providing solutions that make life easier for consumers and businesses, but above all, to be trustworthy.