Puerto Ricans launch an app for tipping

If you’ve ever had trouble leaving taxis, waiters, or any other service related host a tip because you don’t have any cash on you, Bravo (Tipping made easy) is probably an App you’ll want to download on your phone.

Héctor Rodríguez y María Luna, both Puerto Ricans who met in the United States, married, and now live in Arizona, created an app for iPhone and Android for transferring money, essentially  tips. The application is called Bravo (Tipping made easy) and can be downloaded for free.

“Two years ago we went to southern Utah for a vacation, it was an inhospitable area, away from civilization because we wanted to really disconnect, rest, hike and we had a really good time. We stayed four days and we realized we did not have any cash to tip our hiking guides for a good service. One does not think of this when one goes out, sometimes you are with people that can lend you a couple of bucks, or a near ATM machine. But in this case the nearest ATM was an hour away. Upon arriving home I thought about how we could resolve this issue. I genuinely wanted to solve it, and I thought about sending checks instead, “said Rodríguez .