Pure Storage and Nvidia will develop infrastructure based on the

Pure Storage and Nvidia announced the development of an artificial intelligence-based infrastructure that eliminates the usual complexity of these environments to democratize technology and make it accessible to countless companies. Designed through the technologies of both companies, the hardware and software are integrated to allow organizations to boot their artificial intelligence projects in hours and not months, both say in the official statement.

According to Gartner, by the year 2020, 80% of companies will have implemented artificial intelligence. In this sense, AIRI proposes a simple architecture to the organizations focused on data that allows them to take advantage of the environment.

AIRI works with FlashBlade from Pure storage, a Flash storage platform designed for current world and IA Analytics, with four Nvidia DGX-1 supercomputers that provide four performance PetaFLOPS with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU Graphics. These systems are interconnected with 100GbE edge switches, which support the GPUDirect RDMA technology for maximum distributed training performance. AIRI is equipped with the deep learning block in the GPU cloud of NVIDIA, and also includes the package of AIRI scalability tools from Pure Storage, allowing data scientists to launch their AI initiatives in hours , instead of weeks or months.