Rainmeter helps you to monitor your hardware

More and more users who want to have everything under control on their PC. What was once a thing of few people, with high knowledge and dedication now is something totally trivial that is even advisable to check that everything goes correctly.

Rainmeter is a free open source program fully translated into Spanish for Windows and that allows its personalization through masks or skins.

Masks or skins can come as desktop gadgets or widgets, so that within the entire repository there is an overwhelming amount of variety.

You have to be clear that Rainmeter is not a program to change the appearance of Windows, or the management of Windows, nor replaces other applications, simply shows us real-time information of our PC, either temperatures, capabilities of the HDD, carca of the nuclei or the time.

It is such a powerful software as simple 

Said this, to start using it we must download the program of your official website and install it in our system. There is no third-party software, no configuration that should not be installed or anything strange, is the typical next, next, next.

The first time we install it we will have it open up to the right with its standard configuration (theme illustrated) next to its icon in the taskbar, down to the right next to the time.

To start with the masks first enter deviant Art to see what we like and once selected and downloaded only install it. We run the mask and it is installed directly in Rainmeter.

Right-clicking on the lower icon of the Windows taskbar will display the Rainmeter menu, where you can select the skin/s installed that you have downloaded. Simple and easy.

To edit the themes we will give the button that puts skin edit, then we will open the Notepad to be able to change or add what we want based on what the designer of the skin allows. Each has a different additions or configurations, so we will have to inform within your branch at Devin ART or look for support with the developer.

If we still do not find a solution to our problem, we can always go to the official forum of the program where there are multiple topics treated and where we can ask about our doubts.