Range of LG ThinQ devices and services will feature Artificial Intelligence


The smart home has been making its way into the catalog of major brands that are committed to making the devices used at home can interact between them and us. Being able to control the air conditioning through the means of a personal assistant and that at the same time can control when we enter and leave our house, can be a good example of a world that has just started to take its next steps. That is why LG wants to position itself in a prominent place and for this they created the ThinQ brand, a seal that will be used to group all kinds of consumer electronics products and services that the Korean firm will launch in 2018 and that has artificial intelligence.

The range of devices and services that LG launches under the ThinQ seal will stand out by two factors. They can on the one hand communicate with each other autonomously and, on the other hand, and perhaps more importantly, they will offer the user learning skills facilitating tasks at home.

This last factor, the launches that are included under the ThinQ range will have several AI (Artificial Intelligence) platforms, including LG’s DeepThinQ technology. A development that the Korean firm announced a year ago at the CES in Las Vegas and that in 2018 would see its a more mature version with new devices that bring life to it.

The use of ThinQ technology is also characterized by the commitment made by the brand to include Wi-Fi in all its “premium” appliances, some of which we have already seen under the name of  “Signature”.

Another step that we saw in April with the launch of the SmartThinQ from the Asian firm was a small gadget similar to a cylinder accompanied by a series of sensors that will be responsible for making our fools house appliances smart.

LG already has already come a long way with the SmartThinQ platform, which is already compatible with Amazon Echo and therefore with Alexa and its Signature range of smart appliances and now intends to take another step forward in this adventure. We will have to keep an eye on the CES in Las Vegas this year to find out more information about it.