Retro: Bluetooth cassette player

There are good reasons why we leave audio cassettes behind, but now you can enjoy your music in less than the quality of a CD through a wireless headset.

NINM Lab is no stranger to upgrading technology with modern amenities. The company’s first Kickstarted product was the Instant Magny 35: an accessory that essentially converts Nikon, Olympus and even Leica 35-millimeter cameras into Polaroid-like handles that can instantly print shots with the film Fujifilm Instax Square snapshot.

It was an update, but the accessory also added a lot of volume to the relatively compact cameras, so it’s hard to imagine photographers accepting it as an enhanced experience. Similarly, the company’s new IT’S OK cassette player manages to bring new features to cassette players with the addition of built-in Bluetooth 5.0

Instead of connecting headphones to a physical connector, users can stream their mixes to Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones. It eliminates the hassle of a cable, but everything related to using audio cassettes, from fast forward or recoil to finding the track you want, to recording songs in real time, or transporting multiple tapes, sounds like a genuine pain.

The team is available in three colors: Sakura pink, Cloud white and Evening blue, will cost nostalgia seekers $63 if they support the Kickstarter campaign, or closer to $90 if they wait until this appears on Urban Outfitters. It doesn’t include wireless headphones, so you’ll need to budget for that, plus blank Memorex tapes.