Safe technology at the wheel with Sony 

Connectivity technology is already an essential part of our lives and there are times when we should know how to make the most of it. That’s why Sony has integrated in their screens XAV-AX200 and XAV-AX100 the connectivity of car and Android.

Road safety is a major issue and through these functions, you can make and receive calls, text messages and WhatsApp, control your music and browsing through Waze and Google Maps without removing the view of the road thanks to voice commands.

Avoids traffic fines by managing all these functions just by asking the Sony team to do it for you.

Apple’s display seamlessly integrates IPhone devices with Sony displays.

And if on the contrary you are user and lover of Android, with Android Auto you can also make use of these functions with only your voice.

With an intuitive and simple interface, a crisp display of high response and stability in operation and connection, Sony offers the best line of products compatible with Android Auto as well as with Apple.

Both systems have similar connectivity features that improve driver experience:

Your Smartphone shows you the way

Even if you know the way, it is always good to have references of traffic or what happens on the track. Both display and Android Auto by means of their browsers (maps of Apple and Google Maps & Waze) will help you to reach your destination for the best route and always safe.

With any of these applications you can be calm to go in the right route, without distractions and without having to see your smartphone, everything you have on the screen of your car. While you enjoy the trip you can find the places that are on the road like cafes, gas stations, restaurants and other places of interest, with just a voice command, incredible!

Access your music on the fast track

With a simple voice command, you can play your music from any of the many apps that are compatible with our screens, between these apps is the most famous in Latin America, Spotify and works seamlessly with auto stereos Sony, you can search by artist, album or song, and see what you are listening to and what will come after. You can also use iTunes with Carplay.

CardPlay includes the voice control of Siri, who will be your “wizard” and will do everything for you, calls, send and read text messages and WhatsApp, play music and browsing through the IOS browser.

With Android Auto, you just have to say it. State-of-the-art voice detection technology makes controlling all functions quick and easy.