Samsung introduced its new high-end gaming notebook: The Odyssey 

Samsung Notebook presented its latest powerful mobile computing technology for players: the Samsung Odyssey notebook.

For players looking to dominate the competition and enjoy a deeply immersive gaming experience, the Samsung Odyssey Notebook has a premium metal design, optimal performance and many powerful features.

“With the best design, performance and features, the Samsung Odyssey Notebook is expanding the boundaries of players everywhere,” said YoungGyoo Choi, senior vice president, PC Business Team, mobile communication business for Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s new high-end gaming notebook ensures that users never have to make up with less and can experience The best and most intense games on your mobile computer. ”


The Odyssey Samsung Notebook has a new and innovative design to ensure an optimal experience for users, offering cutting-edge performance in a format. The thin frame of the Samsung Odyssey Notebook leaves more room for your screen to shine with 144 Hz. With NVIDIA ® G-SYNC technology, the Samsung Odyssey Notebook allows you to immerse yourself in a deep and interactive gaming experience, with a crisp image that allows you to see every detail.

As Samsung’s most refined gaming laptop to date, the top design of the Samsung Odyssey Notebook keeps users at the forefront of the game when it comes to style.


Players need a notebook that has the latest performance features, and is also ready to handle everything the most demanding games can present to you.

The Samsung Odyssey Notebook comes with all the hardware that players need to emerge victorious from all battles: the latest Intel ® 8th generation Hexa-Core i7 processor to keep pace even with the most intense games, and a high-end GPU NVIDIA ® GeForce RTX 20 series. With the technology of the new NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture and the RTX platform, these processors combine real-time lightning plotting, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading.

Inside the casing, the two redesigned Jet Blade fans have 83 blades each, and a new penta-pipe refrigeration system allows the machine to run as fast and fresh as possible, no matter how intense the game session

Easy to use with Games

The Odyssey Samsung Notebook also offers a new set of unique configurations and functions. Odyssey mode allows users to save configuration presets in different profiles for various types of games.

Beast mode allows users to modulate the performance of the Samsung Odyssey Notebook depending on the software it is running, and the Black Equalizer helps users gain an advantage over competition by improving lighting in the game. Users can also enhance the experience of the Samsung Odyssey Notebook by adding an SSD drive or by changing the default HDD to obtain additional storage.

The Samsung Odyssey Notebook brings a cutting-edge performance, dazzling style and a set of unique features designed to elevate games to even the most experienced users.