Samsung introduces the new generation of refrigerators family hub at CES 2019 

The new family hub takes life connected to the next level with increased artificial intelligence capabilities to further simplify day-to-day users

Samsung presented the next generation of its award-winning refrigerator Family Hub, which continues to innovate and redefine the category of refrigerators. Family Hub continues to establish a new standard for connected life, bringing the family together in the kitchen and releasing users to focus on what is important to them.

As the new generation of homeowners uses technology to define who they are and how they want to live their lives, there is no better place to do it than in a connected kitchen. And with the family Hub, which offers the simplified connectivity they have become accustomed to, families can devote more time to concentrating on the things that interest them the most.

In 2019, with the new family Board, a community screen with which family members can interact in a personalized way, family Hub helps foster a true family connection, food management and a home-based experience Connected in today’s accelerated modern world.

“When we launched family Hub three years ago, it was an experience based on an application dedicated to food management, family connections and entertainment,” said John Herrington, senior vice president, General Manager, Samsung Electronics America Appliances. “Today we present the latest version of Family Hub that includes Bixby with artificial intelligence capabilities. Bixby now offers a new level of connectivity and intelligence designed to make everyday tasks much easier. Combined with our new family Board, the family Hub is the perfect conjugation of convenience and connectivity.


Bixby allows a hands-free, smarter and more personalized way to use the Family Hub. Users can ask Bixby for their morning summary while they prepare breakfast for children to learn all of their essential daily data, such as weather and major news. All of this appears on the Family Hub screen so you can see and listen to it. And through Bixby’s voice identification technology, you can distinguish the voice of each member of the family, so everyone can get personalized information for their individual needs. Bixby is even more intelligent and more conversational, allowing users to interact in a more natural way. Imagine, now users can look for a plane ticket through Expedia, call an Uber and preset the oven temperature just by talking to Family Hub.

With the seamless integration of SmartThings from the Family Hub, homeowners can now take intelligence one step further, as they can view and control hundreds of Samsung and third-party intelligent home devices from the refrigerator screen and by voice with Bixby.

Family connections 

The new Family Board screen acts as a digital bulletin board in which members can easily paste notes and photos and even scribble directly on the screen. Users can now have a dedicated screen to share photos, messages and souvenirs in their refrigerator, and can customize their photos with different styles, add handwritten notes and stickers, and even change the background color to combine with your kitchen.

Family Hub muestra un protector de pantalla dinámico que se podría usar para mostrar momentos preciados para la familia, información importante como el clima o including obras de arte. También se podría configurar para combinar con la decoración de la cocina.

Healthier food management 

From the outset, food management with Family Hub has been a key role in improving how homeowners manage their food, either by using “see inside” from their phone to See if they need eggs while they are in the store or add items to their shopping list and label expiration dates. Family Hub it allows the user to create better and healthier meals with meal Planner, which personalizes the recipes according to food preferences, dietary needs and items in the refrigerator.

In 2019, Samsung will expand the family hub platform to more models to ensure that there is a family hub portfolio that meets the needs of all consumers.