Samsung introduces the TV QLED 8K and 4K TV line of 2019 in Latin America 

Samsung Electronics Co. He presented the QLED TV line of 2019 and showed his latest technological innovations to the press of Latin America, from 30 to 31 May, at its annual technical summit. TV QLED 8K, winners of the CES 2019 innovation Award, are equipped with the Samsung Quantum processor, the semiconductor technology of image processing powered by AI. The Samsung Quantum processor automatically improves the lower-resolution content of any source by adapting it to the 8K video format. The Quantum processor will also be available on Samsung’s QLED 4K models, which will allow the full line to offer enhanced AI image quality and sound.

For the first time in the industry, Samsung’s Quantum automatic learning processor uses AI technology to analyze millions of images that allow you to calibrate low-resolution sources to optimize those images in 8K-quality content, Regardless of the original format. The conversion of the 8K image quality using Samsung’s IA, offers precision and efficiency, and formalises the method autonomously. These advances in image quality are evident on the larger screen TVS, where the highest resolutions and sharpness can be adequately displayed.

“We are very pleased to bring the latest advances in TV technology from Samsung to Latin America. With the introduction of our new line of QLED TVs, we hope customers will enjoy all of our innovation, including world-class image quality, enhanced AI and Smart TV/IoT Resources for Connected life “, commented Edgar Kato of Samsung Electronics. “We are committed to providing users with the best viewing experience possible as a reflection of the most innovative image quality technology available today.”

Additional Smart TV features reflected in this year’s QLED TV line include a new Apple TV and Apple AirPlay 2 application. For its full integration into the Samsung Smart TV platform, users can simply select the Apple TV app icon to access all Itunes movies and TV program purchases. With the Smart TV Samsung fit for AirPlay 2, customers can also easily play videos and other content from their iPhone, iPad or Mac directly to their TV.

In addition to the resources of Smart TV, we have the Ambient mode, so the TV can adapt to your home and be part of your decoration. The TV will look like a beautiful glass frame, integrated into the wall or even with own images. You will no longer have cable disorders in your room: the One Invisible connection gathers all the cables and your TV is integrated into a neat design.

The TVS come with a unique remote, so you don’t need to use multiple controls such as the decoder, Blu-ray, or game controllers. You can control everything.

Samsung’s 2019 QLED TVS also feature enhanced Ultra viewing Angle technology, which allows the backlight to move to the screen more evenly through the device panels. Samsung’s 2019 QLED TVS also feature enhanced Ultra viewing Angle technology, which allows the backlight to move to the screen more evenly through the device panels. This is due to an improved panel structure and new screen calibration algorithms that improve the viewing angles of the TV and, at the same time, avoid reflections or flashes, even during the day or in brightly lit rooms.

Along with several image quality improvements in 2019, the adoption of the Direct Full Array models has almost doubled over the past year. Direct Full Array Technology places backlight LED behind the panel for precise brightness control and allow the light to adjust individually, producing deeper blacks. The algorithms that recognize and adjust the black colors analyze more precisely the characteristics of each scene, in real time, to distribute the brightness and the proportions of black in order to control the backlight. Ultimately, this allows the new QLED TV line to offer excellent black color reproduction.