Seagate Exos Enterprise: Discs for computer Professionals

There is a disk for each type of requirement: storage for video surveillance, speed on your computer, photography, etc; some more elegant and sober and others with a style completely lifestyle… and of course everyone has Seagate.

A less popular and extremely important area is business storage. This year, and for six consecutive years, Seagate was selected by computer professionals as market leader in enterprise hard drives, with nearly half of the votes being taken. In addition, it managed to bulldoze by winning in all categories of leadership on enterprise hard drives.

The Seagate EXOS Enterprise hard drive line enables data center architects and IT professionals to deliver reliable performance, unsurpassed reliability, and impassable enterprise security, while reducing the CTP in the Demanding operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For all that is HyperScale, there is Exos X. You can have up to 10 PB of information in a single rack of 42 units. The equivalent of 10.000 TB for your company! The Exos X14, Exos X12, and Exos X10 enterprise hard drives integrate the latest technology for an expandable, secure, and reliable cloud data center allowing you to perform data transfers faster than ever before.

They are designed to work in extremely expandable environments. They have a low current and weight consumption thanks to the helium they make up, plus the ability to manage the performance for additional savings in electricity.

On the other hand, there is the line Exos E for the related to the Enterprise line. Highly reliable, field-tested units with more than 350 million of business units shipped from 2002. Always on and always working, the Exos E series is loaded with advanced options for optimal performance, reliability, security and management. Meets all storage workload requirements with the most efficient and cost-effective data center space available. This disk is specially designed for enterprise applications and workloads, improving storage level and maximizing efficiency.