Seagate Game Drive for the special edition of XBOX “Gears 5”

In collaboration with Microsoft and The Coalition, comes Seagate Game Drive for the Xbox Special Edition® inspired by Gears 5. With the iconic Crimson Omen skull submerged in ice and snow, Seagate’s newest addition to the popular line of external player storage devices is now pre-released and officially arrives in stores on August 20.

With two versions with 2TB and 5TB capabilities, the new Game Drive is an important tool to help discover Kait’s connection to the enemy and the real danger Sera faces in the five exciting modes and the longest campaign yet. The Xbox One X Limited Edition “Gears 5” console design is replicated on the Xbox Kait Diaz Limited Edition Wireless Controller, as well as other officially licensed accessories. In addition, the collectible Game Drive for the Xbox Special Edition “Gears 5” is also equipped with additional “Gears 5” content, including weapon skins and supply packs 1.

Also, a free one-month membership for the Xbox Game Pass2 is included in the purchase of Seagate Game Drive for the Xbox Special Edition “Gears 5”. The Game Pass provides early access for fans to play “Gears 5” four days before its global release. Membership also includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and access to over 100 amazing console and PC games.

Setting up the Game Drive is very easy. When you connect your device to your Xbox One X console, your device instantly recognizes it. The installation is done in less than two minutes through a simple setup process to follow. With the speed of USB 3.0, games played from the external disk offer the same performance as directly from the console’s internal hard drive.

Game Drive for Xbox is small enough to keep in your pocket, doesn’t need a separate power cord and can store more than 50 downloaded games3 in the 2TB version (more than 150 games in the 5TB version) plus downloadable add-ons and game continuity results on Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X4 consoles.

Game Drive for Xbox Special Edition “Gears 5” is pre-ordered and will be officially available for sale from August 20, for a suggested price of $99.99 (2TB) and $149.99 (5TB). It will be available in limited quantities.