Seagate launches new portable storage units at the CES 2018


Within the frame of the 2018 CES in La Vegas, Seagate presented in this event its new line of portable storage with different models and utilities for each type of consumer. Doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, a businessman or even a drone pilot, this seagate storage units will know what to do.

Ideal for drone lover

Seagate made an strategical partnership with DJI, a drone manufacture, to find a complete solution to those who seek a quick back up anywhere. Its the LaCie DJI Copilot,  its a portable storage unit that allows the user to quickly check he’s content at a maximum resolution with the need of connecting to computer. This traduces to a great versatility when it comes to movement and file transfer. Since it is posible now to manage all your information though a mobile device with the LaCie Copilot Boss app.

Th LaCie DJI Copilot in addition of have an SD Card slot also functions as an external charger to charge your dice while you organized your files. And thanks to its screen you will be able to know the progress and remaining time when transferring files.

Memory for your smartphone

Seagate also have a range of external storage dedicated exclusively for smartphones, the SeagateJoy Drive accomplish extra memory capacity for Android devices.

The SeagateJoy drive will allow access to photos, videos, and documents without the need of being connected to the internet.

A unit that can move anywhere

Seagate presented at the 2018 CES and external storage unit that has as much resistance as you do, Its the SeagateFast SSD. Thinking about travelers and people that are constantly on the move, The SeagateFast SSD is a portable unit with ultrafast file transfer of up to 540 mb/s, it’s shock resistance and has USC-C connectivity. To use the SeagateFast SSD it is necessary to have the new ToolKit software from Seagate. It is available in 250 GB, 500 GG and 1 TB versions.