Seagate presents the new Seagate Champions program


Seagate Champions is a program created for sales professionals to achieve their goals (even those in territories with little coverage), it enables the sales force of the channel as an extension of the Seagate sales team, and train customers on the products through an attractive and interactive platform.

With this program it will be possible to record the interaction and completed modules of each account and each sales representative. In addition, it integrates a system through which it rewards the sales representative through the catalog of rewards.

It is present in 74 countries and is available in 19 different languages, so it provides global support so that the sales professional has all the tools he needs to achieve his goals.

The operation of the program focuses on: recruitment, commitment, training and metrics. The same ones that are offered through various components of promotion, communication and rewards.

Seagate Champions is a very intuitive program. You simply have to complete activities, which will be rewarded with Bytes (150 Bytes, is equivalent to $ 1 USD). In addition, you can level up with XP experience points. he status increases as you get enough experience points to go up to the next level. It works practically the same as if you were leveling up in a videogame.

In the program, you can be awarded medals that you can accumulate and collect. These medals can be used as a reward for completing activities, through training challenges for your company and could even lead you to be named as the best of the trimester.

Improve your skills and get ready to receive the rewards you deserve for each of your sales. To join the Seagate Champions program, you just have to sign up at and you can start connecting with a global community of knowledge hungry people.