Security bug in WhatsApp could jeopardize your account

It is important to update the Instant messaging application, WhatsApp, because the American company has just corrected a security error that could be at risk your account.

According to Google Proyect Zero, a hacker could have control of the account in the application, with just a simple call through the service.

According to the discoverers of the bug, the problem affected both Android phones and IOS. The web version was not affected because the problem was right in the video call tool that the ‘ app ‘ established several years ago.

Specifically the error occurred when a user received through a call an RTP package with incorrect format. By taking the call, the ‘ app ‘ was not able to assimilate this so your account was corrupted. And even, as indicated in specialized media, such as ZDNet or the Register, the attacker could take control of the account taking advantage of this door, thus outlined The Confindencial.