Skullcandy launches “12 Moods” with special wireless headphones 

Yes what’s new, the limited edition orange Earphones are part of the Skullcandy campaign to express the different ways that music makes you feel.

The brand mostly known for its colour-rich, affordable audio products is launching a new campaign on the different ways that music makes listeners feel.

It’s called “12 Moods” or “12 moods”, they calculate the sale in a number of limited products, highlight the athletes and launch exclusive music every month. So it will have a theme around a specific mood, with March “bold”.

As such, Skullcandy is selling a special, vibrant Orange Edition variant of its Push Trully wireless headphones.

These colorful accessories have a cost of $130, which is their usual selling price (although in the past sold for $99).

The headphones are already among the best wireless headphones you’ve tried to date, at least in terms of audio fidelity.

For next April, Skullcandy said that the mood will be “elevated”, followed by “fresh” in May and “empowered” in June. At the moment they have not revealed which colors or products will be associated with those months.