Skype launches real-time subtitles

This feature will enable Skype-capable users to follow the conversation with the conversation transcript in real time.

In the case of Office you will receive the function in January, specifically in PowerPoint. This launch took place in the framework of the International Day with people with disabilities of the United Nations (UN).

The Skype application is expected to be able to read up to 20 different languages in the near future.

This subtitle function works on calls between two people (on social or work calls), calls to phone numbers and in group calls. Microsoft announced the feature on Monday, which coincides with the International Day of people with disabilities.

“Real-time subtitles provide a more inclusive experience for the entire Skype community, especially for deaf and hard of hearing users,” Microsoft said in the announcement. Skype subtitles are available in version 8 for Android, IPhone, IPad, Mac and Windows. Version 14 is required for Windows 10-based devices.

Microsoft says that for now the subtitles are appearing and moving automatically and as the call advances. In the future, the users will be able to move to the pleasure of the subtitles, in addition they will have other visualization options. You can see more information on how to use the subtitles in this link.

The option is enabled in the Skype settings by selecting the Plus () button during the call and selecting “Enable subtitles”. It can also be set to default in Settings.