“Smart paper” is developed by Chinese and American scientists

In 2017 Chinese and American scientists published in Nano Letters, using photosensitive sheets on which they can print directly with light. Over time, the message fades and the surface can be used again.

One of the problems with these technology is precisely that the texts and images that are reflected on it tend to fade in a short time. Another issue is that in general, only allow to include monochrome motifs.

The Chinese researchers coordinated by Qiang Zhao, an expert in organic electronics, have designed a special type of paper and ink that, when used together, they make it possible to display images and texts in color on the same sheet several times and last more than 6 months.

They explain in a study in Nature Communications after reusing one of these sheets eight times, a number of times they consider conservative, they have estimated that the cost per impression of their system is approximately one fifth that of the cost of inkjet used by many printers.