Smartphone with 9 cameras is developed by Light

Light, the company that in the past has developed smartphones with 16 cameras, is now testing two prototypes with nine and five cameras in the back respectively.

The serial version of the smartphone will be presented before the end of the year, says The Washington Post.

Light is known as the manufacturer of consumer cameras L16 that has 16 lenses, introduced in 2015. The lenses differ in the focal length, which varies from 28 to 150 millimeters. During the snapshot, the camera collects images from each module and then combines them, allowing you to increase detail and reduce noise, and change the focus point on the resulting image.

The company showed the reporters of The Washington Post the working prototypes of a smartphone with several cameras. One of them is equipped with nine cameras on the rear panel, which, as in the L16, are different from each other.