Snapchat filters can now detect your pet cat’s face

Users have been using Snapchat filters to give themselves puppy ears, a crown of flowers and hipster spectacles in their selfies.

Now, their cats can join in the fun, with a set of filters the company has specially designed for felines.

“Lenses. For cool cats and their cool cats. Try them meow,” tweeted Snapchat last Friday (Oct 12).

The app was able to detect only human faces previously, but can now detect feline features.

With the new function, your kitty can be adorned with unicorn horns, red devil wings as well as swimming fishes.

Excited Snapchatters started sharing pictures of themselves and their cats online.

One user, blackcatkai, wrote on Twitter: “Snapchat cat filters have made my life.”

However, not everyone is satisfied.

Many users commented on Snapchat’s tweet, asking for the filters to work for dogs too.