Snapchat grows in Latin America and Asia to become international

Snapchat has doubled its income from the “rest of the world”, a territory in which the company denominates the users from Latin America and Southeast Asia in particular, as well as Africa.

In its balance sheet of the last quarter Snap Inc. announced a growth of more than 3 million daily users in the region described above, between the third and fourth quarter of 2017. A fact that is driven in particular by the interest of the company in improving its Android application, making the videos load faster.

In general the company reported a growth of 5 percent, which is more than in the previous quarter where it grew 2.9 percent. The company claims to have 187 million active users today 80 million of them in the United States, 60 million in Europe and 47 million in the “rest of the world”.

To achieve this international expansion Snapchat has had to evolve on the thinking of its CEO, Evan Spiegel. As Techcrunch remembers, until now it had not bet on more than to make its App evolve well in iOS and high end phones and had focused on young people in the United States.