Snapchat user walls were ordered chronologically

Snapchat is going through a stage by which he does not find a way to recover the hegemony he had in his beginnings, with a threatening Facebook by copying many of his features for many of his services, and with changes that, far from content the Users, turns them against them.

In this respect, in addition to offering a new interface that has not been pleasing to the community of users, raising criticism and requests to reverse, now some users are finding in what seems to be a reverse in the way that Distrib Uye social publications on the walls.

and is that some Android and IOS users are finding that publications have been reordered in chronological reverse from this past weekend, rather than algorithmic ordering, which came with the redesign of the application, and It also annoyed users very much.

Although both forms have their advantages and disadvantages, according to several studies, users prefer that social publishing ordinations be made chronologically, both in Snapchat and other social platforms, as CNet points out.

What is not known at the moment, since there is no official information about it, is whether this change is part of a limited test or a gradual deployment to reach all users at some point